CT Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring at Northwest Radiologists:

Recently, a lecturer from Seattle gave an excellent overview of the clinical benefits of CT Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring. He showed the relevance of this test in many clinical scenarios and explained how it can be used in asymptomatic patients and those with atypical chest pain as a separate, powerful predictor of a coronary artery event.

At Northwest Radiologists, we offer this test currently using a different technology than the lecturer recommends in Seattle (Electron Beam). We believe that our multislice, ECG Gated CT technology, as discussed in the recent literature, is equivalent or better than Electron Beam CT. Please see the included abstract conclusions for your own edification.

-Jason M. Stoane, M.D.

1. Radiology 2002 Oct;225 (1):113-9

Reproducibility and accuracy of Coronary Calcium Measurements with

multi-detector row vs. Electron Beam CT


By coupling retrospective gating with nearly isotrophic volumetric imaging data, spiral multi-dectector row CT provides better data for quantification of coronary arterial calcium volume. Multi-detector row CT allows precise and repeated measurement of coronary arterial calcification, with low interexamination variability.

2. Int J Cardiovasc Imaging 2002 Aug:

18 (4):295-303

Determination of Coronary Calcium with multi-slice Spiral Computed

Tomography: A compatible study with Electron-Beam CT.


The multislice CT scanner is equivalent to EBCT for the determination and quantification of coronary calcium and can therefore be used for calcium screening.