Does Mt. Baker Imaging charge a facility fee?

No, Mt. Baker Imaging is an independent, outpatient diagnostic imaging facility in Whatcom County and does NOT charge a facility fee for services.


How is Mt. Baker Imaging advancing imaging technology in our community?

At Mt. Baker Imaging, we continually assess and identify opportunities for new innovations. In the field of CT scanning, we operate the newest CT scanners in the area.  All four of our Siemens CT units were installed in the past few years and are continually upgraded with both hardware and software updates.  These technological innovations allow Mt. Baker Imaging to offer the absolute lowest radiation dose, fastest operational speed and greatest comfort for CT scanning.

In the realm of MRI, Mt. Baker Imaging is the only imaging provider in the area to offer 3 Tesla MRI.  Our Siemens Vida 3T MRI became operational in late 2019 and is at the forefront of MRI technology.  Higher magnet strength and optimized software allows faster scanning times and higher image resolution than any MRI unit in the area.  Rapid scanning allows for patients to spend less time in the scanner, which means added comfort, and at the same time offering better image quality than commonly available 1.5 Tesla MRI.

Mt. Baker Imaging offers the only full-service Women’s Diagnostic Center, including 3D mammography, and breast ultrasound and biopsy services in Whatcom County.


Can any radiologist read an X-ray, MRI, or other scan? What are the qualifications of the doctors at Mt. Baker Imaging?

A radiologist is a physician trained to evaluate imaging studies to make recommendations for medical care. Like other fields of medicine, radiology has subspecialties where the radiologist can complete additional specialized training in an area. Therefore, the true value of a medical scan is realized when a highly skilled radiologist who is specialized in an area of medicine interprets what the scan is showing and delivers that message to the healthcare provider who ordered the test, providing further consult with the ordering physician to explain how the images may be used in context with historical data and options for future care if needed.

The doctors at Mt. Baker Imaging have decades of experience across numerous specialties including women’s health, neuroradiology, cardiovascular radiology, bone and joint disease, interventional radiology, and more. They provide detailed evaluations to ensure ordering physicians have a comprehensive understanding of what the image is and is not showing and are readily available for further consultation if needed, so that the patient can receive the most accurate diagnosis and well thought out treatment plan and care.


Does Mt. Baker Imaging have equipment available with low-dose testing capabilities, for sensitive populations like children?

Yes, we offer low-dose CT scanning to ensure the health and safety of our most sensitive patients.


Why can’t I get an imaging test the same day my doctor ordered it? Will Mt. Baker Imaging help assess my insurance benefits before my procedure?

We are committed to transparency in medicine at Mt. Baker Imaging. As such, we do not charge any facility fees at our outpatient facilities, and we work with you to receive pre-authorization BEFORE your imaging procedure. This may sometimes take a day or two to hear back from your insurance provider, but we believe it’s worth the wait for non-emergent situations. Informed healthcare begins with patients understanding their insurance benefits and potential costs up-front, whenever possible.


Do you accept my insurance? How much will my tests cost?

If you would like an estimate for your procedure, please call 360.788.9195 with the name of your procedure (ie. MRI of the head with no contrast) and if you are self-pay or are covered by an insurance plan (need name of insurance plan and your insurance card information). Mt. Baker Imaging has contracted with the majority of the insurance payers in Washington state and can send them a claim for your services.

For a list of insurances we are in-network with, please visit our billing page at


I had testing done at the hospital, not Mt. Baker Imaging. Why am I receiving a bill?

The physicians of NW Radiologists care for patients in our physician owned outpatient facility, Mt. Baker Imaging. These same doctors are also the local, trusted providers contracted to evaluate the images taken by PeaceHealth, within the hospital. Hence, for hospital procedures you will receive a bill from Peace Health for the testing that was performed at the hospital, and a separate bill from NW Radiologists for the reading of your test results that were delivered within the local hospital.


Why did I receive a notification that my account has been turned over to a debt collector?

If the amount due on your account is not received by our billing service after a two-statement billing cycle, your outstanding balance is at risk of being turned over to a debt collector.  Mt Baker Imaging and Northwest Radiologists partner with Merchants Credit Association out of Bellevue, WA. If you have received a notification and have questions about the assigned debt or would like to make payment, please contact Merchants Credit Association directly at 425.643.2613.