Breast MRIs are done at our Northwest Avenue location, in Suite 102.

To schedule your MRI, please call: 360.647.2422.

What is Breast MRI?

Breast MRI is a very useful breast cancer diagnostic tool and is excellent at imaging the augmented breast. MRI can be used effectively to gain information about breast abnormalities detected with mammography, physical exam, or other breast imaging modalities. MRI is also useful in helping to stage breast cancer, evaluate treatment options, and follow-up after treatment has been completed.

How is Breast MRI Performed?

Unlike mammography which uses low dose x-rays to image the breast, MRI uses powerful magnetic fields and radio waves to create images of the breast. The MRI system is able to switch magnetic fields and radio waves to achieve views in any plane.

During the examination, a radio signal is turned on and off, and subsequently, the energy which is absorbed by different atoms in the body is echoed or reflected back out of the body. These echoes are continuously measured by the MRI scanner. A digital computer reconstructs these echoes into images of the breast. A benefit of MRI is that it can easily acquire direct views of the breast in almost any orientation. An MRI exam of the breasts typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Benefits of an MRI Exam of the Breast

MRI has several potential benefits in helping to investigate breast concerns. An MRI exam allows breast images to be taken in any plane and from any orientation. One particular advantage of MRI is that it is highly sensitive to small abnormalities that can sometimes be missed with other exams.