Q: What is Text-to-Pay?

A: Patients will receive a text message from (404) 458-0934 with a link to login and view/pay your statement.  Click the link to securely verify your identity using name, DOB and zip code.  A username and password are NOT required. Click here for a visual of the process.


Q: Can I opt out of the Text-to-Pay enhancement?

A: Yes. Replying STOP will opt you out of text statements for that statement and any future statements.


Q: Will I still get a paper statement?

A: If you do not click the link in the text message within 3 days, a paper statement will be mailed to you. If you click the link but take no action to make payment, a paper statement will be mailed to you.


Q: Will I still get the Text-to-Pay link if I’m already set up to get my statements emailed?

A: Yes, initially. Replying STOP will opt you out of Text-to-Pay for that statement cycle and future cycles and statements will continue to be emailed to you.


Q: What if I don’t have a cell phone or my cell phone isn’t set up to receive text messages?

A: If the Text-to-Pay message is not received, a paper statement will be mailed out within 3 days.


Q: What do I do if I have a question about the text message I get?

A: Replying ASSIST to the text message you receive will provide you with a response that includes the local phone number to our medical billing office customer service department (360-788-9196 for MBI accounts and 360-788-9197 for NWR).